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1. Pretreatment tank where influent enters.

2. Aeration chamber where oxygen is pumped into the waste water

3. Clarifier chamber where the clear, odorless effluent rises.

4. Chlorinator the clear effluent passes through for disinfection. *

5. Chlorine Contact Chamber or Holding tank for disinfected effluent ready for discharge.

6. Extremely quiet, efficient aerator and pump.

7. Control Panel that operates the entire system 

The aeration chamber, the heart of this activated sludge sewage treatment system, introduces oxygen by pump into the sewage. The aeration mixes the organic materials of the sewage with the bacterial population, allowing the bacteria to attack and reduce the organic materials. Any activated sludge settling in the final clarifier chamber is reintroduced into the aeration chamber by sewage movement in the aeration chamber.


As solids settle in the clarifier, a clear, odorless effluent rises. At this point the effluent  passes through the chlorinator for final disinfection. The effluent then enters the holding tank that stores the chlorinated effluent for discharge through sprinklers.



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