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Victoria TX
Septic System Installation and Road Boring

  • New Construction Aerobic Septic Systems in the Victoria, Cuero, Calhoun County TX areas
  • Existing Home and Business Septic Install, Service, and Repair
  • Trustworthy, Professional, and Competitive - In business since 1982.
  • Professional Directional Road Boring

Geigle's Utilities began installing Aerobic septic treatment products in 1982 in Calhoun County Texas. In 1982 the use of Aerobic sewage treatment in Texas was not very well understood. It took until 1996 before residents of South Texas realized the effects the outdated systems of the 1970's,  were having on the Environment. Low Pressure Dosing (LPD) and Gravity feed septic systems were failing in the Gulf Cost area due to high water tables and pour soil condition's such as Saint Charles clay (black gumbo) and sandy clay. It is not uncommon to find a properly installed (LPD) system to have water standing over the drain field in the Golden Crescent area. In 1982 Aerobic Systems average cost was around $1500 higher then (LPD) Systems. Purchasing an environmental friendly system was not economically feasible. Today Aerobic systems are on average $2,000 less expensive then (LPD) systems.

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